Engineering drawing lift shaft


1997 Planungsbüro – Aufzüge was formed on January 3rd, mainly dealing in pre-installation project management.
2000 The Company translated it’s name on the 10th August to Elevator – Planning and started working within both the German and English markets, conducting site surveys and producing general arrangement drawings.
2002 Elevator – Planning (U.K.) Ltd. was formed in May, concentrating further on site surveys, general arrangement, car design and construction drawings.
First materials sold December 12th.
2003 30.01 – First minor modernisation package
2004 09.03 – First major modernisation package
17.05 – First conventional traction lift
16.06 – First machine room less lift.
2006 27.04 - First Panoramic lift.
2008 11.07 - First conventional traction bed lift.
2009 19.03 - First vehicle lift.
27.03 – First MRL bed lift.
2011 Over the Past 14 years Elevator-Planning has increased it's supply to a full range of lifts and is known by consultants and lift company's alike as a supplier of the highest quality lift packages in the UK market.